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Swedish Massage: 60 minutes $65

Unwind with this soothing massage that helps relieve stress and increase overall circulation.

Deep Tissue or Clinical Massage: 60 minutes $95

Ideal for those physically active or chronic pain. Incorporate a combination of Swedish massage, Deep tissue and the aplication of acupressure to help soothe tightness, fatigue and join pains.

Thai Massage: 60 minutes $85

A special form odf deep tissue massage combined with a range of rhythmic stretching movements. This technique will drain away fatigue, relieves swelling, reduce muscles and joints tension, promote flexibility and prevent injuries.

Hot Stone Massage: 60 minutes $85

This is an ancient ritual that has been practiced over the centuriess by Native Americans. The heated volcanic river stones are used as an extension of the hands, penetrating deep into the layers of your muscles. Complete muscles-melting bliss.

Pre-Natal Massage: 60 minutes $80

Recommended for om-to-be in her second or third trimesterr (12 weeks to full-term pregnancy). This light massage assists in relaxing lower back pain,water retention, stress and sciatica.

Bamboo Massage: 60 minutes $85

Imagine every knot and kink in your body being gently rolled into submission by warmed bamboo rods. This ancient art form allows you to receive a deel body massage while experiencinng tremendous relaxation.



* A 60 minutes of a combination package of Swedish, Deep Tissue and Hot Stone Massage for $60.